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Resident Ramblings

My life, or at least, my little corner of it

DISCLAIMER: There's a good chance that most of my journal entries will deal, in some way, with sexuality, Leather sexuality, kink, BDSM, drag queens, performance, music, or any combination thereof. It may also include the occasional rant. Seriously, there may be some adult language, and possibly some graphic detail (including sexual).

Owner of Agador's Cleaning Services
Western Canada Leatherboy 2011
Co-Founder of Edmonton Players in Gear (E-PiG)
Mr. Gay Edmonton XXIII
Dungeon Guard to the Emperor's Guild of Assassins, 4th Imperial House of Regina

Just an average guy who likes to keep busy, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. :)

I believe that community involvement and development is very important. To that end, I'm involved in helping with my local Court (Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose, http://www.iscwr.ca), as well as my local Leather community. I am current title holder in both of these communities, and use these titles to help better the local gay community.


Starting on Feb. 14th of last year, I've been involving myself with Edmonton's Drag Court, the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose (http://www.iscwr.ca). I perform on stage, but I do something reffered to as "bio drag" or "boy drag". I still dress up, put on make-up (when suitable), and lip synch... but it's all to male vocalist songs. Basically, think musical theatre, where you lip synch rather then sing. :P

Sounds a bit... weird, maybe, but it's fun. Here's a link to the first number that I did as a boy:


As of June of last year, I stepped up as Mr. Gay Edmonton 23. This is a title in the Court that lasts one year, and during that year, I raise money for the various Court-sponsored charities. It's been a lot of fun, and I've met many, many people through Canada and the US through this. I'm stepping down on June 18th, at the end of our Pride Week here in Edmonton. I won't be the current reigning Mr. Gay Edmonton anymore, but I'll always have the title of Mr. Gay Edmonton 23, and I'll have helped continue a great organisation.


I've been involved with my local (and in some cases, not-so-local) Leather community of late. Since I started exploring my Leather sexuality in October of 2008, I've made a lot of discoveries about myself. Things I'm proud of, things that needed changing. Since then, I've met numerous friends, and have become involved in learning as much as I can, and more recently, teaching as well. Never seen myself as having much knowledge, let-alone about something that I'm still a newbie in as well, but I'm more then willing to pass on information that I have learned. that said, I never claim to be a "master" of anything... the "conclusions" that I've come to and the knowledge that I have are personal to me, so I always suggest that people look into other sources of information, and come to their own conclusions.

In November 2010, I competed for, and won, the title of Western Canada Leatherboy 2011. With this title, I'll be competing in July for the title of International Leatherboy 2011 (http://www.leathersir.com). Wish me luck, I have a feeling I'll need it. ;)

Since then, I've been a visible member of my community, both in the gay circles, and the heterosexual/pansexual circles, both Leather and BDSM. I've met many fantastic people, and have made some great friends along the way. :)

Art and Chainmail

I've gotten back into doing artwork. Specifically, painting. I'll admit, much of my recent artwork (all three paintings since I've gotten back into it, lol) are sexuality-driven... but I'm rather proud of the work that's come out of my paintbrush. You can check my FA account to see them (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fireheart).

I've also been getting into chainmail. Mostly simple things, like bracelets, arm bands, and wrist bands/gauntlets. Though, I'm currently working on a large, full-body peice for a good friend of mine. Can't really say much else, because she wants it to be kept secret for now. :)

In any case, that about catches you up, for the most part. If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me. :)

Places you can find me online now: